How about the application prospect of male mannequin?
Male mannequin has been extensively found its applications in the industry due to its exemplary properties. It not only has preeminent features but also has significant financial advantages. Over the years, DongGuan Art Wing Display Co., Ltd engages with prospects by positioning the ideal products and services.
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Art Wing Display is a children's creative teenage mannequin enterprise with design, research and development and brand operation as its core. Art Wing Display's Ela make up female mannequin series contains multiple sub-products. The fan of Art Wing AT-8Y is carefully developed by the research and development department with guaranteed safety. The fan is certified under CE. Treated by polishing, it has a sleek surface. With many international certifications, the quality of the product is assured. It is widely used by tailor and apparel designers.
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Art Wing believes that strong enterprise culture will guarantee its relatively strong market competitiveness. Inquiry!

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