Has Sport Mannequin passed the QC test?
We ensure that all products including Sport Mannequin have passed the QC test before leaving the factory. In order to implement an effective QC program, we usually first decide which specific standards the product meets and every employee involved in the program should be clear with the standards. Our QC team monitors and controls quality by tracking production metrics and checking product performance. Our workers monitor the manufacturing process and ensure that there is little variation. Our engineers routinely monitor the issues and immediately fix the problems once they are found.
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DongGuan Art Wing Display Co., Ltd is a company with a well-known brand, network and management expertise. Art Wing Display's Dior female realistic mannequin with wigs series are created based on unremitting efforts. There are strict performance requirements for Art Wing Sport Mannequin. The product has to pass tests in terms of bacteria resistance, slip resistance, abrasion resistance, stretchability, etc. Treated by polishing, it has a sleek surface. The product has an elegant translucent appearance. It has gone through vitrification and sintering at a temperature of up to 2000 degree Fahrenheit, which gives it a unique brightness, whiteness, and translucency. It can be designed with vivid facial expressions, such as vivid eyelashes and watery eyes to demonstrate a real feeling.
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It is the idea of men's clothing mannequin that makes Art Wing Display set deep root in full body male mannequin market. Ask online!

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