How about the Art Wing sports mannequin rejection rate?
The rejection rate of sports mannequin under Art Wing is controlled greatly. Strict control of quality is conducted. This is definitely the best way to reduce the rejection rate. In order to improve product quality and reduce rejection, all problems in the rejected products will be solved.

By virtue of years of engagement in manufacturing sports mannequin , DongGuan Art Wing Display Co., Ltd finally steps into the list of stronger in this industry. The realistic mannequin series has become a hot product of Art Wing Display. Art Wing garment mannequin is carefully produced complying with the industry standards. The product features easy cleaning and maintenance, which makes most clothes shop owners love it. This product highly increases people's productivity by aiding them in completing their work in a more efficient way, which helps to save much time. With a sturdy structure, it is not inclined to fall down.

Art Wing Display holds the firm belief that its vintage female mannequin will surely give you a important position. Check now!
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