How many Art Wing male mannequins sale are sold per year?
The sales of Art Wing male mannequin are becoming better and better in recent years. They have been exported to many countries and receive high recognition, which in turn promotes our competitiveness and growth. This improvement mainly attributes to our new sales models. We have abandoned antiquated, ineffective sales models and processes. We re-examine our distribution channel strategies and begin to adopt Internet channels. For example, we build our own website and establish social media accounts which allow us to reach out to more potential customers.

DongGuan Art Wing Display Co., Ltd has built a good reputation for manufacturing eco-friendly mannequin. We also accumulated years of expertise in developing and designing products. The female dress form series has become a hot product of Art Wing Display. In the production of Art Wing Fion semi-abstract mannequin women, only the superior quality raw materials are adopted. It is designed to fit a standard figure, which makes it perfectly fit nearly all sophisticated clothes. With excellent quality and novel design, MPM vintage black male manikin is an indispensable equipment for modern industry. The soft materials will not cause damage to the clothes.

Art Wing Display takes pride in its unique culture and great organizational soul, and we will not let you down. Get info!
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