The Right Mannequin for the Rite Store

by:Art Wing      2020-04-27
Like the clothing you wear, it takes taste and talent to know what goes with what. Mastering your style is a critical step in your self-expression and allowing you to expose the parts of yourself that you want others to see. People are going to judge you one way or another and being able to influence their judgment not only puts you in control of their impressions but helps you get to where you need to go in life. The same concept applies in store design. You have to have a vision of what kind of environment you want to project. You have to know what you want your customers to think and what you want them to feel. This is the art of interior decorating. What I will do today is focus on a specific part of in store design in an attempt to aid those of you who have not yet giving this aspect of your business the amount of thought is needs to make a difference. Our topic today is mannequins and dress forms. But before we got to that lets take a moment to understand what kind of store you are running. There are three general types of stores; teenage, family, and upper end. The reason for dividing the store in this way is based on a lot of thought a research but I will not spend the time going into that now. If you are running a store that caters to teen and young adult or college kids you have to know your crowd. And in this case of mannequins you don't what to have somber looking or over classic mannequins staring down at them, they already have parents for that. You need to have relevant mannequins. The same thing goes for family of children's clothing stores. You do not want to have seductive cat walking mannequins in stores like these it completely defeats the purpose. You need to have responsible looking adult or fun loving children mannequins. Nothing else will work. The thing to keep in mind is that the whole point of mannequins and dress forms it for them to look like the people who are going to be seeing them. If you have a high class store you need to make sure that you mannequins are classic and distinguished looking not sleazy or careless posed ones. The bottom line is, and I'll leave you with this; you got to know your customers. Make your mannequins and dress forms look like the people who are going to be shopping in your store and them your investment will begin to be useful. Otherwise you are wasting your time and money. Good luck.
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