The long standing and controversial debate about

by:Art Wing      2020-06-10
Recent statistics inform a reluctant and notoriously fey fashion industry that the average British woman is a size 14-16. What has sometimes been a cause swept under the carpet by fashionistas has recently been championed by TV Presenter & Journalist, Janet Street-Porter. Many consumers believe that Ms Street-Porter's view on her size 16 debate is to be commended and that it is notable names and celebrities such as this who are encouraging the changes in the High Street. Many High Street chains now offer flattering and affordable clothes in larger sizes nowadays. Important to appealing inclusively to the mass market is a fashion retailer's ability to display its ladies' clothing ranges, both sale and non-sale, in an encompassing manner attractive to all shapes and sizes. Whilst any fashion retailer has its target markets, clever and skilled use of a range of mannequins can prove a key tool in achieving this end. At Morplan, we provide fashion retailers with a full range of mannequins, forms, busts and ladder display stands. We are delighted to discuss the most suitable mannequin options for stores and their ranges with our existing and new client bases. The Article is written by morplan.com/ providing plastic bags and shop fittings Services. Visit http://www.morplan.com/ for more information on morplan.com/Products & Services
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