Retail Impressions With Mannequins

by:Art Wing      2020-04-28
Designing a retail merchandising display takes a lot of thought and preparation. Use this guide to gain an understanding of the presentation process and how mannequins can make a difference in your sales. Here we will discuss mannequins as they relate to product presentation, showcase and customer impression. Mannequins, in particular, are effective, time-tested mediums for delivery of several marketing messages. The first step is to analyze the marketing data as it relates to your target market. Meticulous planning will help you to zero in on the buying rationale of specific customers. You may even decide to survey your current customers to gain insight into their buying patterns, reasons for buying, their overall impression of your store, and more. Learning what turned a customer from considering a purchase to making one can be very valuable. Furthermore, you want to find out what draws them to your store in the first place. Take a look at your competitors, particularly ones that are more successful than you. The store displays, store layout, showcases, and merchandising displays are probably crucial to getting customers and keeping them. You need to lure specific customers inside, and then deliver on the promise that you made them. Making the first impression is, in general, telling the customer what they can expect when they enter. Gaining the customer's trust is how you gain loyalty and business. Make sure that you keep the trust building at all times. For example, if they see fluorescent lights, big signs, and garment racks outside of the door, then they are being promised some good deals. Once they enter, the 'big sale' theme should continue and your prices should meet their expectations. They will probably be expecting mediocre customer service, low inventory, and very little personal attention as well as low prices. If you are having a big sale and are advertising it with big signs and bright lights, then this is your chance to exceed the customer's expectations by treating them really well while they are in your store. If you have really nice window displays with mannequins dressed in exciting new fashions, then that better not be all that you offer. Make sure that you continue to show the customer that you are on top of things once they enter. Mannequin displays and showcases should be throughout your store. They communicate more than you could tell a customer with words. Their position, expression, location and situation can say as much as the outfit that they are wearing. If a customer is going to buy, they will need to somehow identify themselves with your store. This is why mannequins are so effective. People can identify with the human form, recognizing its attitude and place in society with a single glance. The more your customers identify with you, the more they will trust you and bring you business. When you position a dress mannequin, make sure that you are considering the attitude and social scene that your target market identifies with. Using your mannequins to convey a message to your customers is a good way to gain their trust. Not only will you be luring people into the store, but you'll be continually bombarding them with three dimensional impressions of how they wish they looked and felt. This technique of building customer trust can make a world of difference in your retail sales.
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