Princess dress up games are popular with many young girls

by:Art Wing      2020-06-22
Paper Worksheet Many beauty students practice makeup application on paper sheets with faces drawn on them, and little girls can do the same. Draw an oval shape on a plain sheet of paper and make photocopies so you have several on hand. Then let kids draw on facial features, hair and a princess crown, using crayons. Give your kids some inexpensive makeup items and let them add pink blush, purple eyeshadow and red lips. Mannequin Heads Mannequin heads can be purchased at most beauty supply stores, and you can pick a few up to let small girls play with some cheap makeup. Let them apply glitter gel and sparkly eyeshadows to the mannequin, for a real princess look. Keep baby wipes on hand to remove the applied makeup once the girls are finished, so that the heads can be reused. Spinner Fun Use a spin dial from a game like Twister to come up with an impromptu princess makeup game. Buy some lipsticks and blushes at your local dollar store and place them in a bowl. Let little ones dress up in their favorite princess outfits, then take turns spinning the dial. When the spinner falls on a child's color, let her choose a makeup product from the bowl and apply it, to go with her costume. Princess Makeover offers the 'Princess Makeover' game. You are able to make over a princess dressed in a blue and white gown. There are a variety of ways you can change the look of the princess. You may want to update the princess' eyelashes, eye color and skin completion and lip shape. Plus, this princess makeover game also has an array of earrings, necklaces and wigs. Little Princess Makeover Game The object of the 'Little Princess Makeover' game is to update the look of the princess. Try numerous looks to see which one of the three hairstyles looks best: two blue pony tails, brown hair with curls or a black shoulder length style. You can make her lips red, pink or brown. Or, opt to add color to her eyebrows. Plus, accessorize her dress with earrings, necklaces, bracelets or hair bows. Pretty Princess Makeover Another makeover game is the 'Pretty Princess Makeover' game on You are welcomed by a pretty princess standing in from of her castle. This princess has numerous dresses, hairstyles, shoes and accessories you can select. You may like to see her in a yellow mermaid dress, a long lilac gown or a strapless blue gown. Plus, you can add a tiara or flowers in her hair. In addition, there are plenty of necklaces and earrings you may select for her.
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