Picking Up the Right Antique Mannequin

by:Art Wing      2020-05-30
Antique mannequin as the name suggests comes from the days of yore. These are most popularly used for displaying clothes in a store or jewelry, although some stores have found more innovative ways of using them. Anything that is antique and has survived the vagaries of time and hence are bound to be more expensive. This is why you have to ensure you have the right reasons for buying it and you know how to spot a good deal. Why buy an Antique Mannequin? If you are buying it just because another friend or shop has, then you are spending money on a whim. Instead, you should find out what your reasons for buying the antique mannequin are. If yours is a shop that sells ethnic clothes, antique furniture or jewelry, you may consider having an antique mannequin to promote the theme of your store. In such case, it acts more like an investment. Otherwise, you are only exceeding your budget and now achieving anything substantial. Some people also have the hobby of collecting older objects. This is not a bad reason if you are doing it for aesthetic pleasure. Types of Antique Mannequins and Judging Them Since they belong to the yesteryear, they are likely to be slightly different from the current trends. They are usually made of wood and hence are very sturdy and heavy compared to the modern ones. They are curvier, for example, the Edwardian mannequins. Some of them might be slightly chipped here and there which is bound to happen and sometimes adds value promoting the antique look. A good idea would be to pick something that has a more generic pose so that it will fit any types of clothes, ethnic, traditional, gowns or skirts. The rarer the pose, the pricier the mannequin will be.
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