People Must Feel What They Are Buying

by:Art Wing      2020-06-02
I have analyzed this in college and can attest to its simplicity yet why so many electronic stores and clothing outlets don't employ this principal in their business plan eludes me completely. The objective of any store or outlet in terms of commerce and sales is to pitch a given product to the consumer in a way that is simple and quick. This is done in order to be effective in sales and boost revenue. But before one sets out in the endeavor of commerce he must understand the cardinal rule of all industry and that is know thy customer. this is truly the golden rule of business. You can have the best product but if you don't know how to capture the interest of the consumer you are bound for failure. This obviously excludes things that people cannot do without like food and transportation but that is only in general and I will not digress at present. The point is this; if you can't convince the customer that he needs what you are selling its game over and that's why I took the time to write this short piece. All electronic stores and clothing stores particularly the small ones must keep this in mind, people need to feel as thought they already have what you are selling that way you stimulate the compulsion to buy. People are not as motivated to get things as much as they have an innate fear of losing them therefore; If you own an electronic store you ABSOLUTLY MUST have headphones and cell phones on display so that people can touch them with their bear hands. The same goes for the clothing industry. If I can't see the clothing on a display mannequin then I don't understand what it is that I'm buying. If I could feel the product I can understand it. For example if a woman sees a female mannequin wearing pretty clothing, her mind does not register 'oh, this is a female mannequin wearing clothing' what they see is themselves wearing the clothing and therefore want it or rather don't want to lose it. Most female mannequins are thin and have the ideal body this is what women want and so the association of the mannequin body and her body is merged in the mind and now you have got yourself a customer. Let people touch things with their hands like headphones and with their minds like display mannequins and you have got business.
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