London Fashion Week has just taken place in Somerset

by:Art Wing      2020-06-26
Autumn and Winter 2012 was analysed and predicted this fashion show by all who attended the popular event. The Military Chic stood out massively displaying such pieces as the double breasted jackets, many shades of khaki green and oversized brass buttons. Military style has come and gone in the past- but for good reason. The army-chic has inspired us many times in the past with her well-tailored, subtle coloured look. Along with bring practical and versatile this look is very welcomed in the following years. What was very exciting was that the designers not only had literal interpretations of the theme they also had creative takes on the genre such as structured dark green dresses. Perfect with any Timberland UK shoes. The lavender theme surprised many people as this colour seems to be more often a colour associated with summer or even spring. However the pinky purpley colour is going to be big in the autumn/ winter 2012 season. The girlie themes are paired up with black to bring these tones into the darker months. Cosy jumpers, pleated skirts and delicate hats will be widespread if this trend catches on. Often the same colours creep up to represent the seasons however it was the likes of Christopher Kane and Mulberry that have inspired the blocks of black blended with pastels that is going to be very big. As usual the tartan and plaid look never stray far from autumn, however 2012 sees bold check blocks usurping this throne. The timeless bold pattern has been created many times over and once again we embrace the print but this time oversized. We can see it already, warding off the bitter cold with a chunky red check scarf! This lovely trend was seen from Mary Kantrantzou to Louise Grey. They clad their stunning models in bright dresses, jackets and shirts in checks. This style can be worn whatever way you like and most likely that is the reason it is so popular. Dressed up with tailored basics it can work in an office scenario. It can be very chic if the right accessories are adorned or check can even be girlie with a bit of quirk in dresses and skirts. Check is most definitely deserving of the top three next season's trends.
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