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by:Art Wing      2020-06-25
The whole point of selling jewellery or anything for that matter, is so people can buy it. If it is presented in a manner that is pleasing to the eye, and in a way that can garner attention from the potential buyer, then there is a better chance that it will sell. The mannequin jewellery stand does exactly that. It gives the jewellery the best presentation to its possibility, giving the potential buyer the best display which makes it easier for them to spend their money. It allows for the jewellery to be displayed in different ways, whether you want to let it hang or whether you want it comfortable on the cabinet's floor. If you have had the experience of trying to get a necklace untangled, you will know that it can be a pain. So it's much more attractive if it is hanging, so that you get the full view of the necklace, and it's also practical as there will be no chance of the necklace getting tangled. This also makes sure that you avoid creases on the chains, which can cause damage. The Different Types Of Mannequin Jewellery Stands There are different types of mannequins for jewellery. Some come in different paints, and others are covered using cloth. It is up to you to decide what your preference is. They also come in different sizes, others are so small that they can be put inside cabinets, including those that are made of glass or wood. The different finishings for mannequin jewellery stands are based on what the stands are actually used for. If it's to make the jewellery stand out and look ultra-attractive, a gloss finish is mostly used - normally black or white. There are other stands that are covered in cloth, and these are for the sole purpose of providing a neutral background, which some people prefer. To add to the attractiveness of the mannequin stands, others come in gold plating or chrome. In these instances, it almost becomes one of the jewellery pieces that you are displaying, as it heightens the attractiveness of the pieces, making them look more expensive. Mannequin Jewellery Stands in Homes Not only are the stands used by shop owners who specialize in jewellery, many women all over the world have found them to be great for showcasing their pieces at home. There are more formal ones made particularly for the more serious jewellery collector, that may also be used by royalty or celebrities, or just moms who have money to burn. There are certain designs that cater to the younger generation, suitable for college students, teenagers or young women just coming into their own. These young women would need something more relaxed than what would be used by their mothers, something more fashionable and less formal, to suit their age and style. What do you Pay To Get A Mannequin Jewellery Stand? The mannequin jewellery stand comes in different prices, and the ones for personal use are pretty reasonable. The price will depend on how big the mannequin stand is, and of course the design and finish that's used. Shops will normally opt for bigger stands, to accommodate and display their pieces more prominently. Individuals however, don't usually need the larger stands. I have seen mannequin stands for $25.99 and there are cheaper ones available, and there are more expensive ones. What you choose will be based on your taste and what you can afford. If you're a store owner, a mannequin jewellery stand allows the creation of displays that get people interested in the pieces on offer. If done well, the attraction evokes interest and intrigue and results in an increase of sales.
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