Finding your personal style is all about getting

by:Art Wing      2020-07-27
There's no ultimate formula to developing your personal style, but here are top five things that could help you start: Have a Personal Color Scheme Having a personal color scheme simply means determining your colors. This involves assessing your hair, eye, and skin color as well as what colors you believe and feel look best in you. So what's the point of doing this? For one, the colors you choose will help serve as your guide when you are out shopping for new clothes. By having a color guide, you will an easier time picking up pieces that will suit you best. Dress for Your Body Type While there is nothing wrong with wearing anything you want regardless of your body figure, dressing exactly for your body type is one of the biggest steps towards developing your own personal style. Once you get familiar with your body type and what type of clothes fit you best, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time of energy. Now, the key to studying your body type is understanding that every individual is unique. Choose a Style Signature 'What's a style signature?' you may ask. Well, a style signature or style trademark is something that you are known for. It may be a type of clothing or a piece of accessory. Choosing one can be a little bit tricky, but you will know what you are wearing is 'it' once your friends start associating that type of clothing or accessory with you. Mix Up Your Wardrobe If there is one way to bring out your individuality, it's by mixing up your wardrobe. Instead of dressing like a mannequin for a popular clothing line, why not mix up new clothes with old pieces? By doing so, you'll end up with a look that is uniquely yours and not something that's borrowed from a fashion magazine. Look for Inspiration Looking for inspiration and keeping track of them is another effective way to developing your personal style. You can cut out pictures from old fashion magazines and compile them in a fashion journal. Or, you can print out photos from style blogs or social networking sites and do the same. Before going out to shop for new clothes and accessories, check your journal for ideas. If you want, you can even take it with you. To end with, fashion is not about blindly following or copying the latest trends, but is about being who you are and expressing yourself with the way you dress. This is why creating your own individual style is very important. For more tips on how to improve your personal style, check out this style guide here.
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