Dummies That Personify a Dressmakers Dress

by:Art Wing      2020-05-28
The fashion industry is one of the most buzzing industries of the world today. And with shows like Project Runway, fashion design is enjoying a tremendous influx of talent and attention. The fashion industry is made up of creative fashion designers, great looking models, tailors and others. And everyone knows aside from the lush fabric we see in the clothing there are the behind the scenes supplies like sissors and thread. However something that deserves an equal amount of attribution but usually goes unnoticed is a dressmakers dummy. Being used by mankind since late 1950's, commonly referred as to a mannequin or a lay figure a dressmakers dummy is as important as run way model. Molded to emulate the shape of the body a dressmakers dummy is as important to a dressmaker as anything else for his clothing. A model puts on a dressmakers dress to walk on the ramp or for print or television commercial and that is it for the model, but a dummy is used even before the model tries the dress on. It is used to design the blueprint of a dress. A dummy is the shoulder on which a dressmaker may bank upon even if the model is absent from the scenario. Though it can be easily stated that a dummy is just a tool and a model is the only reality on which a dressmaker can rely upon that is not really the actuality as the dummy can be a crucial tool for success. This tool can help the designer in so many ways from fit and form to visualizing the finished product. A dressmakers dummy provides a life and soul to his dress, not only this encourages the designer but also helps him to understand minutest of the details about his dress when being draped on a dummy. In a real meaning a dressmakers dummy personifies the dress being put upon it. In the stores all over the world dummies are used and it is only their personification at first sight of a prospective buyer that proves to be an attraction and helps a dressmaker to sell his dress, thus furnishing income for a dressmaker. There are many types of dummiers ranging from inexpensive do it yourself ones made of duct tape to expensive wooden models. And there is a range of dress forms in between that may be made of plastic or foam. These figures can help the designer and at home sewer bring life to their creations.
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