Dressing mannequins is an integral part in the

by:Art Wing      2020-07-01
Firstly, you need to decide the correct pose for your mannequins as it helps to provide a good fit to your outfits. If you are having more than one mannequin, make sure that the dresses coordinate with each other effectively. Take care to dress mannequins always from top to bottom. Life-sized models are considered as the best choice to be used in window displays. Always choose the garment carefully and take care that the dress is well steamed of pressed. Start dressing a mannequin with an undergarment first and then follow with the pants and shirt. It would be easier to put them on with the waist on the ground. Also, don't forget to use ankle rod if you are using footwear. You can accessorize your mannequin with accessories like jewelry, sunglasses and watches. Sometimes beautifying your mannequins with paint could also be successful. Try to be different and creative while dressing up a mannequin every day. This can help to attract the eyes of your customers and also your brand could be brought into focus. Don't forget to use wig as a bald-headed mannequin often fail to attract your customers. The power to display has better chances in maximizing the profit and sale. Try to wear clothes according to the season. If you are displaying winter season clothes on your mannequin, don't overlook to add winter accessories like scarves, gloves and hoods to complete the look. To establish a smooth dressing and style, start dressing your mannequin from the top and work down to the feet. Dressing a mannequin not that much difficult, it is just like dressing yourself. Try not to dress your mannequin on the sales floor, try to use back room or studio. People usually don't have time to try different outfits, so try display the best outfits. Spending some time in looking some other stores and their techniques could be a good help to define your style.
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