Web Interfaced Systems in Retail Stores Spying

by:Art Wing      2020-04-26
You better not check out that mannequin in the store window, because she might be watching you, or she may be sizing you up - literally. Yes, it is quite possible that you might be looking at an artificial intelligent mannequin on display in some scantily clad new fashion accessories. It makes sense that such a mannequin sitting or standing there could be outfitted with optical sensors, video camera, and a digital speech recognition system getting information about you, the shopper. Do you doubt this, you shouldn't. Okay so, let's talk shall we? There was an interesting piece in GizMag recently titled; 'EyeSee store mannequins gather intelligence on shoppers,' by Ben Coxworth published on November 23, 2012. So, you can now see that this is all available, this technology exists and it has some pretty interesting implications. First, consider some of the latest FRT or Facial Recognition Technologies, and all those pictures you uploaded to Facebook over the last few years. There is no reason that mannequin's software algorithms cannot determine who you are, about how wealthy you might be by way of profiling and data mining. Perhaps the device will also be sizing you up, and figuring out what colors you should wear based on your race, age, hair color, complexion, and even what you'd like to be wearing based on those photos on Facebook. Don't freak out, we already know this is the future, we all saw it in that Tom Cruise Hollywood Movie; 'Minority Report' where the main character was being identified by flat panel display advertising, billboards, and robotic sales clerks while walking through the mall. It figures that some robotics AI computer engineer would put two-and-two together and invent this high-tech socially networked mannequin to invade your privacy online and then use that information to try to sell you something. Or, it will give all your information out to the human sales clerk with a score, or value based on your probability that you'll spend money there. If there are two or three people in the store you might get helped first or last, based on their scores and how often you or they buy or how loyal you've been to that store or brand in the past. Interestingly enough all of this makes you stop and think about your internet security, privacy, and all that information that you've put out there in cyber-space to the rest of the world. The Internet never forgets - so, beware my friends and think twice. I hope you will indeed consider all this and my warnings and think on it.
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