5 - To enable smooth dressing of the top section

by:Art Wing      2020-04-22
Note for point 5: If the garment will not open - such as a t-shirt, then it should be popped over the torso before any of the arms are inserted and secured. Once over the head, slip the mannequin arms up the short sleeve if width of arm allows, and secure to shoulder socket. Otherwise slip the arm through the neck and along to the shoulder to secure in the shoulder socket. 6 - The other arm should be slipped down the sleeve (insert from the neck line down the length of the sleeve hand facing downwards. Then once fully inside the sleeve the arm can be secured. 7 - Once the top garments are on and all components in place, the main 'dressing can begin. But first check to ensure that the full mannequin is firm & secure to the base (usually through a hole in the calf or foot for the sprigot to fit in). Once full dressed and styled the mannequin should be handled very little to avoid creasing so positioning accurately beforehand is advantageous. 8 - Dressing and styling should start at the top and work down to the feet. Starting with the neckline and collars, ensure that they are straight and that buttons are lined up symmetrically on each side. For styling purposes collars can be flipped up, or just a single collar flicked up at the ends. If the neckline is straight or styled this will instantly give a good impression. 9 - Continuing down the dressing to the waistline and hips. The styling of the garment will depend on its length and whether it has a fitted waistline or not. 10 - Finishing off and attention to detail are the things that are done lastly but are the most crucial part of the dressing. If the finishing off isn't sharp then the impression is gives to the viewer is untidiness and sloppiness, therefore spending a little more time on the finishing off could reap rewards. Finishing off starts with standing back from the dressing and identifying areas that are unsightly or untidy - such as: unexpected creasing on items, necklines off centre, inside seams on arms facing out instead of in towards the body, accessories not straight or don't match or maybe more required. Ultimately dressing a mannequin is just like dressing yourself! You wouldn't go to work with one collar in and one collar out or your buttons not in line etc. This how to guide and tips is simple yet crucial to the perception the customer will have on your display, brand and ranging - if displayed well and dressing is sharp this will increase the perceived value of the item and the customer may be willing to pay more for it!
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