What to do if male mannequin is damaged during shipping?
If the male mannequin you have ordered is arrived damaged, please contact DongGuan Art Wing Display Co., Ltd Customer Service as soon as possible. We will advise you on how best to proceed once the damage has been confirmed and assessed. And when we have confirmed the damage or fault, we will endeavor to repair, replace, or refund items where possible. For fast processing of your return, please ensure the following: retain the original packaging, accurately describe the fault or damage, and attach clear photographs of the damage.
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Art Wing Display is a professional supplier in Action Mannequin market. Various in styles, Art Wing Display's white mannequin can meet the needs of different customers. In order to offer safe dehydrated foods, Art Wing youth mannequin is produced conforming to high levels of hygienic standards. This production process is inspected strictly by the quality control department who all think highly of food quality. It stands firmly without extra base support. Checking each detail of the product is a necessary step in Art Wing . Made of truly environmentally friendly material, it causes no plastic pollution.
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We significantly cut resource consumption in the process of achieving sustainability. We have renovated the architecture design of the workshop to in an effort to drive efficiencies in heating, ventilation, daylighting, so as to reduce energy such as electricity consumption.

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