What about style of male mannequin by Art Wing Display?
Typically, the design style of male mannequin varies from person to person. However, sharing the same goal of attracting and benefiting consumers, our designers exert all their efforts and utilize their knowledge to work out the unique design for our products, which can both attract customers as many as possible and deliver our brand culture. Our products are versatile and are characterized by the reliable quality which allows them to be used for a long time, so the whole design style inclines to be pragmatic and rigorous.
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After successfully introducing high technology, Art Wing has been more confident to produce high quality C10-10Y. The Full Body Male Dress Form series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Art Wing male mannequin is handled well throughout the entire process. It has undergone a series of processing technics including high-temperature cooling, heating, disinfection, and drying. Its fiberglass materials enable it to withstand heat and fire. This offered product brings direct performance benefits to the buyer. It can be designed with vivid facial expressions, such as vivid eyelashes and watery eyes to demonstrate a real feeling.
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As one of the strong guarantees, company culture also plays an important role in the development of Art Wing . Call!

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