Quality store fixtures and good store design go

by:Art Wing      2020-06-15
Garment Rack - A multi-purpose display featuring a cross bar for merchandising and organizing quantities of stock. Traditionally garment racks have wheels and are a frequent sight in the garment districts where they are used for transporting clothing from manufacturer to retailer or used to display showroom samples. Today garment racks are often used as in-store displays because of their simple functionality; they are easy to maneuver within a store which makes them particularly useful when a space needs reorganizing for a quick retail makeover. Round Rack - This is a free standing display with a fixed circular rail supported by four legs. It is well suited for use in larger spaces are where it allows 360 degree access to the merchandise and is especially good for concentrating large volumes of stock on clothes hangers. 2 Way Rack & 4 Way Rack - This upright floor display has either two or four hanging rails/arms supported by a central pole. The arms can be straight or inclined with studs to support clothes hangers. This fixture is free standing allowing full 360 degree access but takes up only a small footprint within a store. Combinations, sets and coordinates are ideally suited to this type of displays. Slatwall Gondola Display - This static floor display is easily customizable using the wide selection of display accessories available. Made of sturdy melamine laminate the panels are routed with grooves into which the various optional brackets can be slotted. This display may be used for a multitude of purposes including jewelry and accessories, clothing and shoes etc. according to which display accessories you apply. Showcase Display - Ideal for the storage and secure presentation of small and valuable items including jewelry, antiquities and artifacts, the display case also prevents the stock from getting lost among the larger, more visible items in your store. Mannequins - No display surpasses the ability of the fashion mannequin to illustrate the imaginary. When it comes to fashion apparel first impressions are powerful. What is fashion if not a projected impression or fantasy? The display mannequin provides the fashion retailer with the means to visualize the image and effectively dress for success. Mannequins are life-size, three dimensional models of the human body constructed of fiberglass or other composite materials which are designed specifically for displaying clothes. They are available in male, female and children's forms and in various fixed or adjustable poses. The mannequin is also available in a realistically portrayed appearance or a highly stylized form and with or without the head. Dress Forms - Available in women's, men's and child sizes, dress forms are an enduring classic. Exuding a prim almost Victorian charm they remain an enduring icon of the fashion industry because of their unexceeded utility. The dress form and the closely related body form usually displays only from the neck to the hips. It is headless with a thinly flocked fabric covering, height adjustable and set on a sturdy base with casters for easy positioning. The neutrality of the dress form with its pinnable surface allow clothes to be perfectly arranged and is still one of the best fixtures for displaying dresses, skirts, tops and jackets. -A well merchandised retail space exerts a powerful effect on the way the products within are perceived by potential customers. It is the point of introduction between your product and the consumer and inevitably projects messages regarding the value and quality of the items you offer. Choosing the appropriate retail store fixtures and creating the right environment for merchandising the items is as important a part of the retail fashion business as selecting the lines of apparel for sale.
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