Quality assurance of Dress Form Mannequin
Since established, DongGuan Art Wing Display Co., Ltd has been fighting on the way of leveling product quality while ensuring a high qualification ratio. We maintain a high level of supply chain visibility. Throughout the whole production process from raw materials sourcing, raw materials processing, to quality inspection, each employee is familiar with the corresponding process and takes full responsibilities of their duties. The prerequisite of ensuring product quality is adopting reliable raw materials which play an important role in the on-going production process and long-term service life of the products. Our raw materials suppliers are the partners who have been known to be famous and trustworthy.
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Art Wing Display is an expert maker of AT-8Y product. The male dummy is one of the main products of Art Wing Display. Dress Form Mannequin material assures superior performance of XY. Made of fiberglass materials, it is not easy to break. The product marks the best quality standards in the industry. It is widely used by tailor and apparel designers.
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Art Wing has been always paid a lot of attention to the culture development. Please contact us!

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