Imagine you are out on window shopping. How would

by:Art Wing      2020-06-05
At the first glance it would seem that window display is nothing but arranging a few items in the glass shelves or dressing up a couple of mannequins. But that of course is not the case. Window display involves imagining, planning and arranging interesting and appealing objects on display in malls, fashion stores, etc. Window display is an art that requires many aspects to be remembered. Here are a few of them: * Display what you sell It sounds quite obvious, but shopkeepers normally forget that shoppers come to their store after checking out what is on display. Hence, if you display something that is not available or not connected to what you sell just to attract people to your store, it is not only futile but will also irritate them and send them away not to return again. * Grab the attention Window display works on the principle 'first impression is the best impression'. You are announcing to the world what you sell. Therefore, you need the best items in the store to attract the shoppers, make them enter the store and finally purchase it. * Display in an appealing way Items can be arranged in different ways. If you use a torn and old mannequin and dress it up with the best designer wear no one would pay attention to it. Displaying also can be done in an artistic way. Use a beautiful mannequin if you are using one. Brighten up the window with lights. Use clean glass for the windows. * Keep changing the displays Using the same items for display daily is not a good idea. It makes people think that your products are limited. Keep changing them on a daily or weekly basis. Using festival themes like Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc. can also work. You spend a huge amount for marketing and advertising every year. Window display, on the other hand, is also advertising where you spend very less but get instant shoppers and good sales. If you do it wisely with some professional help, window display can promote your business and heighten your business.
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