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by:Art Wing      2020-06-20
Dubai's retail offering totally 26 million sq ft as of the end of 2010 and is expected to increase to 31.3 million sq ft in 2013. This is a huge turnover any country can expect from the business of retailing. Available retail space per person is significantly higher than most global cities at 15 sq ft/person, compared to 11.3 in USA and 2.7 across European countries. So here is every opportunity to give a rise to retail business. The question is how these mega stores are contributing such a huge share in a country's economy. This is quite simple; retailing is on its peek because some factors are working behind it like mannequin and display shelving. Redesigning of store, a phase of evolution Without industrial shelves a store cannot be revamped, if product assortment is not done properly to catch the attention of the consumer become very difficult. Product visibility can only be done if the store designing allows much space for product keeping. So that product can place properly thus enhancing product visibility. Proper light arrangement ensures product visibility so glass lighting and luminaries can prove vital in this regard. Effects of redesigning retail store Revamping of store is a good idea, event management can also add worth to the annual turnover of a retail store. Event festivity not only compels the consumer to shop but also give a good feeling to the audience and the spectators. Visual merchandising plays a key role in introducing a brand, so retail stores provide a huge platform to introduce a brand before general public by using the technique of visual merchandising. The main objective designing the store layout is to give a feeling of a better lifestyle and to sell the products of fashion those appeals to the senses of the buyer. At retail store things are not to be kept only in Storage racks, they are to sell so all the arrangements are done to increase the sales. Factors that can increase the turnover of the store The store decor can create buzz among the buyers to come and discover the new things added in their well known brand. If the correct measures are taken the store can prove a great source of revenue, at U.AE. All is done to increase the buyer's confidence that is very crucial to increase the sales of retail business that contribute a huge share to the economy. The redesigning of the store not only the change the outlook of a store but it gives a new look and impression to its buyers. Redesigning is essential; it brings a positive change not only in environment but also in the minds of the buyers. Retail business can add worth to our lifestyle.
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