Any good brands for Sport Mannequin?
The selection of Sport Mannequin is always based on quality, price and services. There are many manufacturers specialized in this field. Art Wing is a choice. Different brands have different focuses. You are expected to search on the internet by typing in the product and the service expected, e.g. "Sport Mannequin OEM", so as to find the top brands. When you contact the manufacturer, you may check the source of raw materials, the technology adopted and the services offered.
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DongGuan Art Wing Display Co., Ltd has highly reliable JB series headless male mannequin in providing high quality solutions. Dior female realistic mannequin with wigs is one of Art Wing Display's multiple product series. Art Wing mens suit mannequin is designed in an ergonomic way. The design is strictly carried out based on principles of biomechanical comfort, human body weight distribution, arch support, and various foot shapes. It stands firmly without extra base support. The product can be stored or collected for a long time. It's not prone to oxidization or deformation after going through a special surface treatment. It is easy to assemble or disassemble, which makes dressing and undressing easy.
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Our investment in technologies,engineering capabilities,etc enables Art Wing to consolidate the foundation. Get info!

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