Antique Mannequins For Antique Boutique

by:Art Wing      2020-05-31
Antique mannequins are great pieces to have in your vintage boutiques to display your vintage clothing, or vintage piece of jewelry. They can also be used to display costume designs, historic pieces of clothing in a museum. What better way to display your vintage clothing than in a vintage mannequin? They also can be a great piece for a budding clothes designer to have. To find one you think may be hard, but there are some still around out there you just have to find them. Thanks to the internet it makes the searching a bit more easily done. The first full mannequin came into place in 1870. Before were usually just dress forms made or wire or some other material. Popular Styles There are many styles of antique mannequins from Victorian era of the 1800 to the 1950's and into the 70's. After that mannequin mania kind of fizzled. Your many styles of mannequins are from your full size mannequins, to just bust, dress, hands, table top even head mannequins. You also can have your choice of male, female, child or adult mannequin forms. William Morris Collection - These were popular in the late Victorian era and made by William Morris who mannequins were fabric in artistic poetic William Morris Style fabric. Decoupage Collection - Mannequins from the late 1800's that were decoupages with French news papers giving the vintage mannequins an artistic appeal. 1930's Collection - Another sort after old vintage mannequins, where the art deco mannequins ruled. French Stockmen - Top makers of mannequins from the late 1800's to the 1930's in Paris. These were another popular style that evolved from the wasp waist of the 1800's to the slender form of the 1930's Head Mannequins - Popular in the 1920 -1930's head mannequins were used to display hats. Yugin & Son's - Popular mannequins from the 1940's made by Yugin & Son's. Bust Mannequins - They can come with a head or have no head. Busts were used to display ladies corsets, bra's to display. Counter Top Mannequins - These were popular in the 1930's. They were for displaying scarves, jewelry like necklaces, shawls. Hand Mannequins - They can come in colorful colors too or normal flesh color. They were used of course to display rings and bracelets, gloves. Popular in the 1930's glamor days they would be in the jewelry store windows to attract the ladies to buy. The heyday of mannequins range from the 1870's to the 1970's Where To Find So looking for antique mannequins? Look no further than these two stores that specialize just that! In old vintage antique style mannequins for whatever means you need them for. Note they can be costly so you may have better luck via eBay or Amazon it all depends how much you are willing to spend for this classic piece of history. Be careful too in picking, as there is original vintage and there are reproduced ones in vintage style so make sure you are getting the original true vintage and not a new one with vintage design.
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