Why animal mannequin is produced by so many manufacturers?
Increasingly more Chinese small and medium-sized manufacturers decide to make animal mannequin, that has great business prospects because of the wide application and very low price. These goods are easier to customize to meet client needs.
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DongGuan Art Wing Display Co., Ltd has developed AT-3Y products that are widely used by customers. The AS plastic mannequin is one of the main products of Art Wing Display. The whole production of Art Wing animal mannequin is completed by a team of experienced professionals who know clearly how to make lean production. It is extensively placed in the showing windows of clothes stores, boutiques, and supermarkets. If you only find a bedding that has good thermal comfort, this should be this product. The product is beautiful, soft, and feels cool and warm. The shoulder, waist, and legs are all designed separately, which makes it more convenient for dressing.
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Art Wing believes the popularity of man mannequin relies on its high quality and professional service. Call!

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