When you present clothes on kids mannequins, remember

by:Art Wing      2020-06-28
Think about these things when you set up a display for kids . . . Kids normally adapt to what they see and hear every day. The environment that children grow up in influences their development and greatly affects their likes and dislikes. For example if kids live near a noisy, crowded, market-place, this has a bearing on what they are used to and will associate themselves with. Media - Videos and TV These affect how kids think and act a lot. Kids love to mimic what they watch on the television. Especially cartoon characters or any fictional characters that catch their attention. They often like to act exactly the way their favorite characters do, show the same attitude and wear the same kinds of clothes ! Its not only the adults who are into fashion : even kids, often with their parents, strolling in the mall, notice and want the outfits they usually see a character wearing on a television show. Since kids don't know how to browse through sets of clothes, they simply choose what they see the kids mannequins wearing. Since kids aren't really fond of reading fashion magazines, it's important that clothes are presented to them another way, and of course based on how the kids want to be and appear. Choosing the right type of mannequin is important. Here are some ideas you should think about when you're trying to get kids to love the product being displayed . . . 1) Kids mannequins should present outfits to the kids in a way that broadcasts 'this kid's got attitude !' The mannequin shouldn't just be stood up without any creativity. Most kids who are given a chance to choose what they want to be prefer someone with an attitude! So when kids see a clothing & mannequin display that says 'I've got attitude' a lot of them will ask their parents to buy what the dummy is wearing. 2) Kids usually have a good sense of their own identity and want to have their own style. They often start by imitating certain characters they see, then gradually they develop their own sense of fashion. Kid's channels like Disney and Cartoon Network have a big influence over kids, so theming kid's mannequins in a similar way to the cartoon characters can often sell them on an outfit right then and there. 3) You can't expect kids to make reasonable choices . . . because they're kids ! But guiding them will help develop their sense of independence and ability to make good decisions. Choosing clothing is not an exception, and if you want them to wear something you still need to give them some options rather than one choice. So set up kids mannequin displays where there are 2 or more choices.
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