What Jack's Mannequin Music Really is All About

by:Art Wing      2020-05-07
Since they formed the group in 2004 in California, Jack's Mannequin has invaded the airwaves with their alternative pop-rock music that makes you want to get up and groove. Jack's Mannequin is as a side project of Andrew McMahon, who used to front for Something Corporate. Jack's Mannequin's music has been widely received by fans and music critics alike. So far, both of their albums 'Everything in Transit' and 'The Glass Passenger' has been receiving positive remarks. If you are wondering where the band's name came from, it was actually one of the songs Andrew, the band's lead vocalist and pianist, written. It was called 'Dear Jack.' He initially considered using The Mannequins as the band's name. But his dislike for the overuse of names started with the article 'the' caused him to reconsider and come up with Jack's Mannequin instead. Compared to McMahon's keening whines in Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin music as evidenced in their album 'Everything in Transit' was somehow solid and straightforward as McMahon dropped all his pretenses and blurted all his strengths as a singer and a song writer. Despite the typical 'emo' music characterized by high-pitched notes and melodramatic melody, the album rose above the rest with its enjoyable and tasteful piano and ringing guitars. Unlike Ben Folds, McMahon's songs are rooted on stories of love and despair. He taps into that raw human emotion that most people can easily relate to. He has a flair for creating songs that easily touches the heart and makes its mark on those who listens. They are currently running a special music video for their single 'Swim' whose lyrics, music, and video revolves around being hopeful and determined to go through current problems that humanity is facing. It is a remarkable video aiming to inspire and evoke vigor, courage, perseverance, and determination in the face of hurdles, no matter how tough they are. This, maybe, one of the ways Andrew tries to deal with his health condition (he was diagnosed with a certain type of leukemia)- some sort of therapy. Truly, Jack's Mannequin has been putting a conscious effort to make their music a stronghold for hope to its listeners- a feat that only a few artists consider. In this world of trying times, to serve as a source of inspiration for people is something that beats any accomplishment for a musical group. Jack's Mannequin's music is beyond earning dollars of revenue and hitting the billboard charts. It is an accomplishment that transcends the tangible measures of fame that only a few like Jack's Mannequin has conquered.
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