What is raw material for kids mannequin in Art Wing Display?
Since the production of kids mannequin involves many different types of materials, it is recommended that customers can ask for the answers from our staff. As is known to us, raw materials are the inputs or resources that a company uses to manufacture the finished products. In DongGuan Art Wing Display Co., Ltd, some of them are extracted from minerals while others are produced from basic chemicals, or they are natural substances. Only through strict selection and necessary standard tests, can these materials be adopted to manufacture the products.
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Art Wing Display is widely recognized by the industry. We have developed the position and established the brand in the world of manufacturing mannequin female. We will show you the Female Dress Form series that is most popular with customers. Numbers of critical tests are carried out on Art Wing kids mannequin. They include structure safety testing (stability and strength) and surfaces durability testing (resistance to abrasion, impacts, scrapes, scratches, heat, and chemicals). It stands firmly without extra base support. The high quality, excellent performance, and long service life make the product stand out in the market. Treated by polishing, it has a sleek surface.
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