What are SMEs for Sport Mannequin?
Since establishment, DongGuan Art Wing Display Co., Ltd continues to provide the highest quality Sport Mannequin in the market. Each of them provides excellent quality and reliability, which makes us a high reputation among Chinese SMEs. Although as a small and medium enterprise, we offer a comprehensive product line with excellent support.
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Art Wing Display is a leading manufacturer of Animal mannequin in China. Half Body Male Dress Form is one of Art Wing Display's multiple product series. The product features nonporous constructions. It is made of fine particle clay which can result in a thin construction and translucent body with very small porosity. Made of fiberglass materials, it is not easy to break. Its clean and straight lines enhance the aesthetical appeal, providing people with a comfortable and relaxed bathing environment. It perfectly displays clothes from different angles.
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Muscle Mannequin is the sustainable development dream in Art Wing . Call now!

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