Using Gridwall and Slatwall For Holiday Displays

by:Art Wing      2020-05-09
The holiday season is here and it's time to get ready for it. Retail owners look forward to this time of year when people get out and buy lots of gifts. This is often the time when businesses make their profits for the year. Preparing for the season means decorating and arranging your showcase displays in a way that attracts customers and makes them feel compelled to buy. People want to feel a certain way when they find that special gift. You can encourage them to feel that way by getting your store in the spirit. I'm not talking about simply putting up some Christmas lights, although that can help with your lighting scheme. I'm talking about bringing up fuzzy warm feelings in those that you want to spend money in your store. First, do a little research. What age and gender are your best customers? Talk to them to get a clue as to why they decided to make a purchase. Did they simply like it? Or did they go into detail about how it made them think of someone and they just had to have it? The more that you can get customers to gush about why they decided to purchase something, the more insight you'll have into how you can use that information in your store displays. Having Gridwall or Slatwall in your store is a very big step in the right direction. These wall displays are the most versatile of all store displays. You can arrange and rearrange, strategically placing items where they'll be seen and admired. Additionally, you can space things out in a way that makes your supply always look full and never like you might be out of sizes or like you might be discontinuing an item. With Gridwall and Slatwall, you can hang bars, pegs, hooks and shelves to mix it up a bit. You never want a straight line display. It's boring to the eye and seems very cold and impersonal. Varying degrees of depth and texture makes a display enticing and pleasing to the eye. It keeps the brain actively involved in looking and considering. This is exactly what you want. Draw extra attention to your showcase displays by utilizing spot lights that shine on your slat wall or Gridwall. You want to create the same sort of effect with lights as you do with your shelves, pegs and bars. Depth and dimension are added when you use special lighting. Colors look better and textures of clothing are amplified.
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