Marketing With Mannequins

by:Art Wing      2020-05-10
Mannequins can be your greatest asset when marketing your apparel. Mannequins have unsurpassed effectiveness in visual merchandising schemes. They get a lot of attention from customers and help to boost sales. Mannequins show customers and even just people passing by what clothing will look like on. Mannequins are great for showing just how certain garments can be worn. A lot of clothing hangs limp on the hanger. This is especially true of light or flowing fabrics. Dress mannequins are extremely effective in selling dresses. This is because almost no dress looks good simply hanging. Dresses need to fit the body in a certain way. A lot of simple dresses would just look like a long t-shirt hanging on the clothing rack, but may look stunning on a dress mannequin. Accessory sales can skyrocket if you use your mannequins to promote them. Assemble the display with accessories that fit the style of the outfit. Hats, gloves, scarves, earrings, necklaces, purses, shoes, tights, and backpacks can all be included in your display. Don't overload your mannequin with too much stuff or it can take attention away from the outfit that you really want to sell. But, using accessories will entice people to purchase more than they planned. People like to see a mannequin showcase in stores because it gives them fashion ideas. A lot of times, the display will feature a new style that someone hasn't thought of. For example, wearing combat boots with a sun dress, or a scarf with a short-sleeved blouse may not have occurred to them before they saw it in your display. Putting outfits together keeps people from having to dig through racks and come up with the ideas on their own. Layering is an effective marketing tool because shoppers may not have purchased any of the items alone, but love the look of them layered together. So, instead of buying one shirt or nothing, they actually purchased a camisole, a sheer long-sleeved shirt, and a pullover sweater. Displaying clothes on a mannequin won't automatically make sales for you. You have to be creative enough to give your mannequin displays feeling. People can envision themselves in outfits worn by mannequins that they can relate to. Develop a scene that gives the display personality, or that creates a mood or feeling. These kind of displays help people to feel a certain way. Think about what feelings your customers have when they decide to purchase something. Do they feel sentimental, athletic, or beautiful? Help customers to get that feeling that they need to decide to go through with a purchase and your displays can be incredibly effective.
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