Mannequin heads don the hats, wigs, sunglasses

by:Art Wing      2020-07-26
Our models are cast in the best USA manufactured resins available. Each is cast, hand-finished, and hand-painted in our shop. We have made changes over the years and each change was made to improve our product..never to save money or time.The fantastic original vintage models were originally produced for the purpose of store displays and were never intended for public consumption. The originals show the marks of handwork and ours impart the same hand-made 'flaws'they are not perfect, each is totally hand-made and exhibits 'old school' techniques.This model was cast in a composite resin (a blend of resin + powdered porcelain) that is nontoxic, very durable, and accepts paint beautifully. The paint technique, style and colors are accurate to the vintage models of this era and looks very much as a brand new 1930's model would have appeared.This model was made to be a 'working girl' with maximum durability. There is a 1 1/4' spout opening on the bottom that may be utilized safely with a stand on a dowel rod. My wife and myself do all the work from molding the original vintage model to the final detailing.Finally hope my knowledge can help you to get some knows about mannequin heads and help you in some extent when you want to choose a manequin head.
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