kids mannequin factories qualified for exports
DongGuan Art Wing Display Co., Ltd is among those Chinese kids mannequin factories qualified for exports. We follow specific government regulations and has obtained permits and licences for exporting products. Our company has committed management teams as well as production capacity and financial capacity to be a competitive exporter.
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Art Wing Display wins an honorable reputation for the customized service on Display Props. We are developing rapidly in this field with our strong capability in manufacturing. Various in styles, Art Wing Display's full body mannequin can meet the needs of different customers. Art Wing VT goes through careful designing. This process starts with a firm idea about the color story, fabric story, silhouette, details, pattern, and texture. The posture of the product can be customized into standing, sitting, or lying pose. The product can have a positive impact on a company’s efficiency, enabling employees to work faster and increase productivity. It can be made with different pose designs.
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Art Wing Display always attaches the great importance of the service quality. Contact us!

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