An important part of Cosmetology and Hair Styling

by:Art Wing      2020-07-12
First is the need to feature more hair design friendly competitions. Second is the need to create activities that can influence and change the industry. Third is the need to change the public's focus on hairdressing and to enhance the image of the hairdressing industry, so that the public will get to know and appreciate truly gifted hair designers. As we know, Internet is a media that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, so it can contribute to meeting the above three needs. John Amico School of Cosmetology & Hair Design in Chicago is attempting to change the industry. The aims of the School are to campaign for cooperation among hairdressers, accomplishing this through friendly competitions. Which we hope will foster and enlarge the community of Hair Design and Cosmetology. Doing so we believe will improve the earning capacity of the majority instead of only a few. While extend the hairdresser's career life by improving their ability to survive. Equip hairdressers with better knowledge and information so they can deal with the new generation of customers. Develop quality services by expanding their knowledge. Ultimately this will improve client's interest in hairdressing services; increasing the number of good hairdressers and good business practices so that all will benefit. This will aid in the attracting of more capital in-flows to the hair industry from business investors as well as consumers. John Amico School of Cosmetology and Hair Design encourage small salons to utilize better trained students to better benefit the salon owner and the customer a win-win incentive. John Amico School of Hair Design hopes to grow this trend by Hair Design competitions to attract global hair industry network and related activities, such as a cyber award for hairdressers, a world hairdresser's foundation and international hair salon franchises. Holiday Student Stars Competition We hosted a our Annual Holiday Hair Fashion Competition on Monday, December 5, 2011 at the Oak Forest Community Center There were 2 different competitions and students could enter both if they wish. The students really showed off their talents. The two different categories were Men's haircut/style and Women Holiday Fashion Evening Style. The competition for the Men's was a pre done competition. Women were completed on site at the competition in front of a live audience. The Woman's Division was divided into 2 groups: Seniors 1- 750 hours and 751 to 1500. The styles were very creative and very well done. The technical work was well styled and complimented the models. We are proud of every student who entered. These are the winners in each category.
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