A mannequin jewellery stand is an important element

by:Art Wing      2020-07-26
1) It provides a sense of theatre to the window displays, as well as allowing the draping of jewellery strategically so that it is seen in the best possible manner. Research has illustrated that properly displayed items have a greater chance of grabbing the buyers attention and creating a positive frame of mind to buy. 2) Improved display space is achieved, as jewellery can be suspended as well as placed on the floor of the cabinet, increasing the amount of product that can be displayed. 3) The jewellery mannequin can complement the jewellery being displayed to further enhance its attractiveness, especially if a mirror finish is used. Types Of Jewellery Mannequins Traditionally the displays have been in the form of a part-bust either painted or fabric covered. However there is actually a myriad of jewellery mannequins that can be used to display jewellery pieces. 1) Miniature mannequins which can fit into a glass cabinet. These typically are of an abstract form with arms and legs splayed out, which allow chains, bracelets and watches to be draped or hung from the various limbs. 2) Display hands with part forearm give the added benefit of displaying rings as well. Depending on the space available these can be used singly, or grouped together (especially if they are of varying heights) to create an attractive visual image. Hands are also available in various positions, straight up, leaning forward or backwards or lying down on the floor of the display case. 3) Heads with part bust. However in this instance larger cabinets are normally required. This though has the advantage of demonstrating exactly how the jewellery piece would look on a person. All these allow the jewellery to be displayed in various positions to catch the interest of the potential buyer. Finishes of Jewellery Mannequins The finish of a jewellery mannequin can also vary dependent on its purpose. If it is used purely to display the goods, then normally a gloss white or gloss black paint finish is ideal as the contrast between the jewellery and the mannequin elevates its attractiveness. Alternatively the mannequins can be fabric covered, to provide a neutral background for the jewellery and not detract from the piece. The mannequin can be finished by either chrome or gold plating, so that it can become one of the jewellery pieces. This would elevate and increase the visual attractiveness of the entire jewellery display.
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