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Fiberglass Headless Yoga Female Mannequin

Model No: SM-FSA01
Material: Fiberglass
Color: White
Finish: Glossy
Accessory: Arm/hand/waist/leg fittings, tempering glass

Product Details
Item Name:Fiberglass Headless Yoga Female Mannequin
Model No:SM-FSA01
Accessory:Arm/hand/waist/leg fittings, calf rod, tempering glass base

Artwing Mannequins, one of the wold's leading manufacturers and suppliers of various shop window mannequin, now brings you the best quality fiberglass headless yoga female mannequin at competitive price. Using the best raw materials and designed by the professional personnel, it is with elegant shape which can help with your display. Catering to customers' requirement, customized service, as well as pricelist and quotation consultation are also available.

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