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The Origin Of The Mannequin Itself
May 17, 2017

Mannequin this thing itself is exotic. In 1573, the Italian monk San Marello made a humanoid model of wood with clay and clay and decorated it with a piece of cloth. This is the early human model. Since then the body model quickly passed to France, a Paris female tailor to use this human model to show customers new clothes, received an unexpected effect, causing the tailor sector to follow suit. At that time, people call this fashion model of fashion for the "fashion model."

China's garment production and export for more than a decade has been ranked first in the world, L7 clothing Mannequin have also been 100% of the localization, why China's clothing store is still using false ocean devils for clothing and apparel models props it? Because Westerners, especially the female body, the overall line ups and downs larger, chest, buttocks prominent, shoulder slightly wide, relatively tall size. In other words, the Westerners are born clothes shelf, fashion clothing Mannequin of course, in accordance with the Western body to do, this is the Chinese fashion store use of Western clothing Mannequin of the physiological explanation.

Process material

Fiberglass fiber

FRP is a composite of epoxy and glass fibers. The synthetic fiber is like polyacrylonitrile, polyester, polyamide, etc. called synthetic fiber. Glass fiber and epoxy resin in general for the Mannequin, so you can have the same hardness and strength of steel, but also enhance the wear resistance of the Mannequin.

PU glue

PU is the abbreviation of Polyurethane, the Chinese name for the polyurethane referred to as polyurethane. Different chemical formulations also make it in the density, flexibility, rigidity and other physical properties have improved.

2504 Taiwan glue

Cotton cloth

Model internal filling cotton, with a soft wire, can be folded, can be bent