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Laparoscopic Surgery Skill Training Mannequin
Jul 07, 2017

Surgical minimally invasive surgery is the common goal of the surgeon, laparoscopic surgery due to the pain of small patients suffering from less than the surgeon and patient welcome.However, due to laparoscopic surgery than conventional surgery open surgery more difficult, to be skilled Mastering laparoscopic surgical techniques must undergo rigorous training and "actual combat" exercises. In order to promote the technology, the domestic development of laparoscopic surgery training box, can be cut, stripping, suture, moving objects, ligation, threading and other basic skills training, training played an important role. In recent years, foreign invented the computer virtual laparoscopic surgery simulator, but this device is expensive, the general unit of financial resources is difficult to buy, it is not easy to popular, coupled with virtual reality technology and real surgery there is still a gap, which developed a simulation Laparoscopic surgery of the Mannequin and the abdominal cavity before the clinical practice of "actual" exercise is necessary.

This product provides a Mannequin and intraperitoneal organs and female pelvic organ models. Can be used for surgery and gynecology on the operating table with laparoscopic surgical instruments, high-definition cameras and monitors for common celiac laparoscopic surgery simulation training. Is the necessary teaching methods for laparoscopic surgery before entering the clinic. Due to more close to the clinical and low price easy to popular, can greatly improve the training and assessment of laparoscopic surgery. Especially for medical colleges and hospitals to carry out laparoscopic surgery training and skills assessment.

The advantages of this product are: the human body's abdominal organs and training model, can move objects, rings, threading, and other hand-eye coordination and other basic skills training, and laparoscopic surgery incision, stripping, bleeding, ligation, suture And other basic surgical operation, the "actual combat" exercise. Simulate the basic process of surgery for clinical patients. Can improve the training and assessment of laparoscopic surgery as soon as possible. A variety of surgical-related organs can be replaced. Simulation results than laparoscopic surgery skills training box more realistic and closer to the clinical.