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How To Shape Mannequin ?
Jul 07, 2017

Although most of the clothes in the mall are sold to ordinary body rather than the size of the guests, but this can not stop the props model year after year "long" high phenomenon, which is a big reason because more and more international brands Settled, the European and American brands like to use the tall props models, those models to wear clothes to particularly tall and straight, but also very seductive, virtually led the clothing company model "transformation."

In general, the average proportion of East Asian people is about 6.75, Europe and the United States is about 7.15 or so, "eight head" has been regarded as a very golden ratio, and before the shopping malls in the clothing Mannequin  are generally used "eight head "Model, but from the beginning of last year, the longer the model the higher the head and the proportion of the body is also growing more and more," nine head "model more and more popular.

"Brand like Moschino, because the model is too high, if not large clothes simply do not wear. Although this "nine head" model body proportion of distortion, a bit like the Japanese comic book image, but from the visual effect is very conquering, so that clothing display better.

Install the clothing Mannequin  method:

① first install the model base: with a hex key to install the support on the chassis (first screw tighten the screw and then screw the cap, the screws must be tightened, otherwise the model will be easy to tilt).

② and then install the lower body: the thigh at the bottom of the lower leg of the shaft hole, rotating 45 degrees to the anastomosis, and then the lower body of the Mannequin  into the base.

③ the final installation of the upper body: the upper part of the shaft hole aligned lower body convex axis insert, rotate 45 degrees to the anastomosis, then the palm of your hand at the bottom of the arm axis, rotating 45 degrees to the anastomosis, and then arm into the shoulder.